irrlamb is a 3D physics game in which you control a blue ball of energy in an attempt to touch all glowing orbs in the level.


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How to Play

After launching the game, click Play to select a level set. New players should start with the tutorial section. If you're playing with a gamepad, use the Left Stick to move the cursor around, then hit A to make a selection.

Touch the glowing orb to win

Hit the keys ESDF or use the Left Stick to apply torque to your ball. Hit Spacebar or A on the gamepad to jump. Use the mouse or Right Stick to look around. Controls can be changed in the options screen.


When you complete a level, you can save a replay by clicking Save Replay. You can also save a replay at any time by opening up the in-game menu with Escape.

If you beat a level for the first time, or with a new fastest time, a replay will automatically be saved.

Viewing Replays

From the main menu, select Replays to view all of your saved replays. Select one and hit the view button, or double-click the level icon to view it.

You can sort the replays by either date or level name by clicking the sort button in the top-right.


While watching a replay, you can use the various buttons at the top to control playback speed or seek forward. Holding right-click allows you to change camera angles with the mouse.

Viewing a replay

Replay Validation

While most games only save orientation data for each object in a replay, irrlamb also saves player inputs. Since the game is deterministic, those inputs can then be used to playback a level to achieve the exact same results.

To validate a replay, select a replay from the list and hit V on the keyboard, or Y on the gamepad. Replay validation does not currently work with Linux replays on Windows, and vice versa.

Gameplay Tips